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The mare makes up at least 60% of what goes into the foal, why then should you base your breeding decision solely on the Sire and Broodmare Sire alone.  G1 Goldmine looks at the entire pedigree going back 5 generations, (otherwise known as inbreeding).  The Pedigrees360 is the latest thoroughbred mating software in the marketplace and looks at the entire pedigree going back 9 generations and specifically looks at the amplification of breed shaping horses in the pedigree and then delivers reports on sex balancing which brings into play the X Chromosome and mitochondrial DNA which plays a significant role in the athleticism of the resulting foal. 

Want the very best information available on who to breed to?  Contact us today, if your mare does not match one of our stallions, we will find the best stallion in the region for your mare(s) at no cost to you!

Caines Stallions Station offers several of the top Stallions in the industry & is well known for their great service!

Sales Prep
Attention to detail and conditioning knowledge has made Caines Stallion Station as a leading Sales Prep Facility

Foaling & Collection
Caines Stallion Station offers Foaling Services (shots f/Mare & foal & flushing mare post foaling) as well as Semen Collection for outside stallions. 

Horse Boarding
Caines Stallion Station offers an array of horse boarding.  Options include Stall Board, Pasture Board & Boarding/Grooming/Exercise Package

Stallion Station
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